The Associate Assistance Fund was formed by our team members for our team members.  Nothing in life is certain. The Associate Assistance Fund is a not-for-profit program designed to assist the people we work side-by-side with every day.  Help is nearby for any teammate who is on active work status, recovering from a personal crisis and faced with being unable to meet daily living expenses.

A letter from Joe Venezia, President of Bridgestone Retail Operations

"I'm proud of the unique initiative the BSRO Teammates took to create the Associate Assistance Fund. It is designed to provide emergency financial assistance to any associate who is unable to meet their daily living expenses or may require help recovering from a personal crisis. Please consider making a donation via an automatic payroll deduction, personal check or via PayPal. The success of the fund is 100% dependent on the contributions of BSRO associates. I'm confident that we'll all answer the call to meet the challenge of taking care of our very special team members." 

Thank you, 
Joe Venezia 

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